Full Exclusion

The process of sealing a structure so that animals cannot enter.

Once an animal has been trapped and

removed from your home, performing the exclusion work is the next step to ensure the animal doesn’t return. This process involves extensively checking the entire home for entry points such 

as holes, cracks, vents and construction/builder’s gaps and then sealing those areas so that no animals can ever re-enter. 


 The construction/builder’s gap is a gap intentionally left by the builder between the roof decking and fascia board. To the left is a picture of a typical construction/builder’s gap.


In order to prevent animals from entering through these gaps,

GONE Pest Management uses the highest quality animal wire to seal up each entry point area. This prevents rodents, squirrels, raccoons or any other nuisance animal from chewing into the structure.


It is typical for bats to enter the attic area of a structure through dryer vents, exhaust vents or gable vents. Raccoons enter by chewing holes through the construction/builder’s gap. And rodents are known to get into a structure through cracks in the basement foundations. Many of these animals are looking for a safe place to do their breeding. Once the animal has made its way into the structure, it can cause significant damage to walls, wiring or insulation. Not to mention diseases that can be associated with many of their feces.GONE Pest Management will properly remove the nuisance and seal all entry point areas. 

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