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Welcome to GONE Pest Managementa much-needed opossum control service that offers humane opossum removal to the South Florida Area.

There are many good reasons that our clients are irked by the presence of opossums. Whether it’s because of fear of rabies, or because of worries that an opossum could become a nuisance by digging into your trash, GONE Pest Management easily understands the reasons you’re looking for opossum control and opossum removal. Our humane opossum control services lure opossums with food into humane traps. GONE Pest Management takes those traps and releases the opossums where it’s safe, far from your property.


An opossum removal service accomplishes two tasks in one: First, GONE Pest Management has the expertise to prevent opossums from taking over your yard. And second, GONE Pest Management uses humane opossum removal, a tactic that highly regards both your interests and the opossum’s right to a happy existence.


Below a just a couple of the hundreds of opossums that we have trapped over the years.

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