Termites & Wood Destroying Organisms


Don't be bullied into having your Home or Business tented!

Ask how All In One Rodents & Pest Control can treat your Home or Business with our "No Tent / No Vacate" Termite Control. Our technicians are experienced and trained in this highly efective treatment. 


GONE Pest Management's

"No Tent / No Vacate" Advantages

  • NO need to move out of your home 
  • NO removal of plants or flowers
  • NO removal of uncanned foods
  • NO removal of cosmetics or medications
  • NO risk of landscaping or roof damage
  • NO disconnecting of satellites or antennas
  • NO special shrub or tree trimming required


GONE Pest Management's trained professionals perform a direct injection into the termite galleries with an advanced non-repellant product. The termites then transfer the product throughout the entire colony causing eradication.


Common termite entry points are also treated as a preventive measure. The convenience of not having to move out of your home combined with the new technology and chemistry of the treatment process makes this a great alternative to tenting.

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There are two

types of homes in Florida,

homes with termites and homes

that will get termites! Wood destroying

organisms like Subterranean termites are a danger to all

property owners. Florida Pest Control has decades of experience preventing and controlling termites and

can give you peace of mind with both pre-construction and post-construction treatments. We back up our termite

control products and services with a renewable service agreement.


Termite activity levels and active termite species vary by region. Each species – dampwood, drywood, Formosan or

subterranean – can be found in the particular region of the United States that offers the right balance of moisture (whether dry or damp) and temperature (above or below freezing in the winter).


Termites live in colonies, which means they live and work together to gather food and raise their young (larvae). And in the same way that children and parents have different roles and responsibilities in their homes, termites have different jobs in their colonies. These jobs determine when and why certain termites leave the nest to start new colonies. Where these termites form a colony depends on the individual termite species and its ability to survive in drier or cooler climates.

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