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60,000 Bees Found In Texas Man's Home After He Was Stung To Death

Medical examiners in Bexar County said 71-year-old Alejandro Azua died after he was stung more than 300 times on Monday, July 12. The bees swarmed Azua while he was doing yard work.

Neighbor Maria Sanchez called 911 and tried to get the bugs off Azua but it was too late.

The bees came from a hive inside the walls of Azua's home. Sanchez told Fox 29 that her neighbor knew about the bees but couldn't afford to pay pest control to get rid of them. She also tried to get in contact with county services to do something about the bees, but she couldn't find anyone to help.

Days after her neighbor's passing, Sanchez contacted the Bexar County Sheriff's Office about handling the hive because it was still a danger to nearby residents.

“They’re estimated, that in a very large hive, there were about 60,000 bees there, so absolutely a very dangerous situation,” Sheriff Javier Salazar told KSAT.



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