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Snack-loving rat spotted in Florida school's vending machine: 'I was horrified'

Move over #PizzaRat — and Son of #PizzaRat, and Grandson of #PizzaRat — because there’s a new #SnackRat in town, and he’s not bothering to wait for scraps.

Students at Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach. Fla., were treated to an unlikely sight on Wednesday after spotting a rat scurrying through the school’s vending machine.

Footage taken by one of the 11th-graders shows the rodent crawling amid the snacks and candy as excited students are heard warning each other of the intruder.

“That’s a rat!” one exclaims, while another can be heard warning others to avoid touching it.

WARNING: Video contains explicit language.

"I was horrified, actually to see that at a public school, that this would go on," said Latoya Johnson, whose daughter filmed the video.

The school district has since restricted all access to the vending machine and hired an exterminator, who arrived later on Wednesday, WPTV reported.

The district had reached out to the vending machine company, as well.

"The vending machine company will need to address the machine issues," a spokesperson confirmed to the outlet.



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